Elias Kassner

Hey, I'm a 14 years old boy, coming from and currently living in Germany :-)

I know that might be pretty young for being a translator, but I've always been loving English, because you simply need it in todays life and it isn't to hard for me. I was lucky, because I got in something called ‘bilingual-class’ here in Germany which means that some subjects, which are normally teached in your mother tongue – Geman, are then teached in Englisch. I've also been in the USA for a while.

I decided to do some volunteer-translator-work becaus I'm looking for an opportunity to improve my English and have fun while doing so. Because I share the ideas of GV and think it's a great project, I have chosen it and am really happy about it yet. :)

I fancy sports and play volleyball and go climbing for example. I've also been playing the piano since I was six.

I always love to meet new people and I'm really foreward looking to you all :-)
See you

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