Anne Hemeda · Dezember, 2015

When I started to volunteer for Global Voices, I had already been a keen reader for years. As a member of the Global Voices community I want to advocate for voices unheard, to defend freedom of expression and fight censorship.
I am interested in good governance and open government and I am grateful I met so many courageous and dedicated people who contribute to citizen participation and an inclusive society. I am fully convinced that if we want to achieve changes on a political level, changes should begin within our respective communities in daily life.
Global Voices became and is still one of the most rewarding learning experiences for myself.

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#FreeBassel: Gerüchte, syrischer Webentwickler sei zum Tode verurteilt

Gerüchte gehen um, der inhaftierte syrisch-palästinensische Software-Entwickler Bassel Khartabil, auch bekannt als Bassel Safadi, sei im Geheimen durch die syrische Regierung zum Tode verurteilt worden.